Founded in 2000, Get Tour and Travel powers dozens of third-party, direct travel distribution sites and transacts thousands of seamless, automated bookings per month. In fact, automated Hawaii bookings are the only thing Get Tour and Travel does, allowing us to focus on targeted, highly reliable private label sites with industry-low costs and private, customized support. Further, because Get Tour and Travel does not have to invest in building its own retail brand or traditional infrastructure components, our distribution capabilities are highly flexible and adaptable.

Get Tour and Travel’s mission is simple. It is to build web-based software for travel professionals that specifically address the current inefficiencies in the distribution chain.

By combining Get Tour and Travel’s software solution with the universal accessibility of the internet, Get Tour and Travel has created an efficient convenient way for the travel industry to grow revenue, reduce operating costs, optimize margins, increase profits, and automate customer service.

Get Tour and Travel was founded through the vision, travel industry expertise and resources of Jack Tsui. Back in the late 1990s, Mr. Tsui correctly envisioned that the travel business would be undergoing a dramatic transformation due to changes brought on by the Internet. Get Tour and Travel was established to capitalize on those changes. Today, Get Tour and Travel has served more than a thousand agencies in addition to major airline carriers, hotels, car rental companies and activities providers. Jack Tsui and his family are best known for owning and operating Panda Travel. Award winning and respected Panda Travel ( is the largest and oldest travel wholesaler and travel agency in the State of Hawaii.

Get Tour and Travel Management

Hongli Xiang – Sr. Director Software Engineering
Phone: (808) 945-3300

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